Picking The Best Honeymoon Destination For Adventure

There is a seemingly endless list of beautiful places in the world to visit, which makes it difficult to pick the best honeymoon destination for adventure. Just narrowing down the list can be challenging.

In addition to 100s of honeymoon destinations for couples who prefer to do more than lounge on a beach, Honeymoon Adventures offers six ways to make the process easier.


Perhaps the most important decision when planning your honeymoon adventure is the destination’s climate. While warmer weather might seem obvious, some of the most ideal honeymoon destinations for adventure don’t offer the shade of palm trees, warm white sand and piña coladas. 

Alaska, for example, is a top honeymoon destination for active couples who want to hike lush trails, fish crystal clear rivers, explore new regions and much more during their trips. Known as the Last Frontier, the state is well known for towns full of rich history nestled in beautiful landscapes. Depending on the time of year, there’s even a chance to experience the wonder of the Northern Lights. The phenomenon is most visible in late September to mid-April. 

Europe is also a popular destination for honeymooners that choose adventure over sunbathing. Countries like Greece, Italy and England are idyllic during both summer and winter. Couples can trek along the crystal blue coast of Greece, climb the mountain ranges of Italy or lose themselves in England’s colorful landscapes.

If you prefer visiting a warmer climate for your honeymoon, there are a number of wonderful options. With snorkeling, surfing, kayaking and more, Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for honeymoon adventures. Bora Bora, Fiji, St. John and Barbados also have plenty to offer. 

Once you’ve decided on the perfect climate, you can begin to narrow down the best honeymoon destinations more easily. Whether you prefer unexpected, cooler temperatures or more typical warm weather, Honeymoon Adventures can help you plan an unforgettable getaway.


A perfect honeymoon is also an affordable honeymoon. Honeymoon Adventures offers a variety of locations that can be easily funded via a custom registry with the help of your friends and family.

Zeroing in on affordable honeymoon destinations starts with setting a budget and sticking to it. Organize carefully how funds will be allocated. As soon as you’ve selected a destination, create your Honeymoon Adventures registry and begin funding your trip.

While most Honeymoon Adventures registries are eventually fulfilled, it’s important to budget for unexpected costs. Think of it as a contingency plan that will prevent any scrambling for money later on. For example, transportation, eating out and spur-of-the-moment excursions are just a few ways affordable honeymoon destinations become pricey trips.

If “city hopping” is your kind of adventure, make sure to budget for each stop along the way. And, if you’re traveling outside the U.S., it’s wise to first check with your local bank for the best exchange rates possible. Smaller, international establishments sometimes charge high rates and leave you less cash on hand.


The average length of a honeymoon is between ten and 14 days, but it can vary based on the honeymoon destination and even the excursions you have planned. Locations that take more than a day to travel to, such as New Zealand when traveling from the U.S., are best experienced over the course of at least two weeks. This way the flight time and time difference won’t affect your itinerary. You might also need a couple of days to simply adjust to jetlag and seasonal variance.

For honeymoon destinations on a budget, a week or so is a good length of time to getaway. Tropical honeymoon destinations are particularly great in this case because you’ll be able to enjoy sun, scenery and adventures.

If you have some money to spend and your family and friends will contribute to your registry, planning for honeymoon destinations on a budget might not even be an issue. Even better, you might have an opportunity to enjoy an extended trip full of adventure. Exotic places like Turks & Caicos, Bali and Tahiti are ideal for stays of two weeks or more, leaving time to island hop, immerse yourself in the local culture and much more.


Do your best to stay up to date on current events around the world to know how your plans might be affected, especially for unique honeymoon adventures. Be aware, too, of things like typical weather patterns such as a monsoon season, national holidays that might include parades or marches and more. Some simple online research can help coordinate times to go and times that you might be better off avoiding. 


Travel blogs can be very useful when planning your honeymoon adventure. They often showcase photos and videos as well as provide firsthand tips and tricks. Best of all, this information is free!

Instagram can be a great resource, too, if you’re looking for more help. The most straightforward way to access this information is with hashtags. For example, if you’re considering a honeymoon in Alaska, search for “#Alaska”. The results should include pictures and videos from people who have been to or are currently adventuring in the Last Frontier. As you scroll, take notes on apparel, food and more. When it’s your turn, you’ll be ready for an unforgettable adventure.

In the end, picking the best honeymoon destination for adventure comes down to personal preferences. Warm or cool? Snorkeling reefs or hiking glaciers? What’s the budget? How long do you want to stay? With the help of Honeymoon Adventures, you’ll no doubt find the perfect destination out of the thousands available.