Sustainable Travel International & Honeymoon Adventures New Partnership

In line with our commitment to environmentalism,  Honeymoon Adventures recently became a member of  Sustainable Travel International. In addition to our membership, Honeymoon Adventures users now have the opportunity to add a carbon offset item to their honeymoon registry. All proceeds from the carbon offset registry are then donated back to Sustainable Travel International. Read on to learn more about Sustainable Travel International, the important work they do in the travel industry, and our partnership.

About Sustainable Travel International

Founded in 2002, Sustainable Travel International is a non-profit organization with a mission focused on addressing tourism’s most pressing and transformative impacts, and working towards a future where travel is beneficial for people and places around the world. The organization works hard to reduce carbon emissions throughout the travel industry by confronting the issues at the root of climate change. They do this by carefully selecting programs that will benefit not only the environment, but also the tourism industry. Sustainable Travel International wants to change the face of travel by partnering with carbon offset certificates to mitigate the impact of unavoidable emissions. 

What is carbon offsetting and how is it beneficial for the environment?

Carbon offsetting is a way for travelers to compensate for the emissions that they produce by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases elsewhere. The contribution of your funds conserve and restore forests, generate clean energy, or increase energy efficiency. By partnering with Sustainable Travel International while traveling, you are taking a small step to make a change for the better.

The tourism industry will be responsible for 40% of the carbon emissions by 2050, so Sustainable Travel International and Honeymoon Adventures are committed  to make a difference by benefitting the earth and supporting the tourism industry hand in hand. 

 How the registry item works

When adding the  carbon offset item to your registry, your friend’s and families’ contribution will be invested in a third-party verified carbon offset project. In addition to reducing carbon and emissions in the environment, the project supports one or multiple of the following causes: forests and biodiversity, clean and efficient energy, coastal blue carbon, and local communities. Although your contribution may seem small, it is a big step for change. When you offset your footprint through Sustainable Travel International, you are benefiting the environment and changing the face of tourism. It couldn’t be easier with the help of your Honeymoon Adventures registry!