Elsewhere & Honeymoon Adventures Partnership

Providing memorable experiences is our commitment to couples at Honeymoon Adventures. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about our recent partnership with the Elsewhere travel company. Now every Honeymoon Adventures couple has the option to build a custom itinerary with Elsewhere for the honeymoon of their dreams.

About Elsewhere

Elsewhere is a travel marketplace radically improving the way travelers, the destinations they visit, and experience travel. By connecting you with local communities, they create experiences that minimize the impact travel has on our planet. Their approach is truly unique. Born from the idea that travelers and destinations deserve better than what the travel industry has traditionally offered, Elsewhere is the only direct-to-local marketplace that provides extraordinary, hyper-personalized trips, while simultaneously ensuring a positive local impact from every trip.

What Makes Elsewhere Unique

Founded in 2020, Elsewhere aims to create itineraries that couples will talk about for years to come. When you work with them, you’ll feel like a guest and not a tourist on vacation. Unlike traditional travel companies, Elsewhere connects you with local experts who are committed to crafting an itinerary filled with unique experiences, just for you. These experts are meticulously vetted on their ability to provide outstanding 24-hour service, along with trips that leave a positive impact on destinations. They’re focused on the idea that travel should be built on local insight, created and sold directly from the destination itself. That’s how they’re able to tell their own stories and steer you towards authentic activities and perspectives that deeply enrich your journey. And perhaps the best part: When you’re connected with local experts, not only are you getting the trip of a lifetime, you’re also supporting environmental protection, local economies, and social fairness. Elsewhere takes great pride in that.

How the Elsewhere Registry Item Works

By adding the Elsewhere item to your Honeymoon Adventures registry, your friends and family can contribute to your unique trip itinerary. All you need to do is add an Elsewhere destination to your honeymoon details, then select the item to your registry. Honeymoon Adventures makes the process simple. You customize your itinerary with Elsewhere by using the Trip Planner right in your Registry. This lets you answer questions that help the experts get a feel of what you’re looking for in your perfect honeymoon. Then you can sit back and relax while your local travel expert does all the hard work. Create your custom trip itinerary today!