10 Honeymoon Activities for the Adventurous Couple

Since you’re ready to make more memories with the love of your life, it’s fitting for your honeymoon to be the trip of a lifetime, filled with exhilarating activities. Put the relaxation on pause for a day and step out of your comfort zone to enjoy the rush of exploring your honeymoon destination. Enhance your itinerary by adding some bold excursions to share during your honeymoon. If you are a couple that craves excitement, take on something extraordinary and discover a little bit of adventure in paradise.

Kinds of Activities To Do on Your Honeymoon?

1. Helicopter Ride: While flying through the air and taking in breathtaking sights of the sky, this helicopter experience will live in your memories forever. The views from high above will give the most unique perspective of your honeymoon destination. Soak up a moment in the sky that will get hearts racing!

helicopter at sunset

2. Scuba Diving: Explore an underwater world and swim with marine life in the depths of the ocean. A scuba diving experience is filled with spectacular marine biology. Find corals, sponges, and fish life among the reefs. This elating experience will bring many fond memories to your honeymoon. Make sure to bring an underwater camera to capture your love with some unique wildlife!

scuba diving and looking at coral reefs

3. Skydiving: Walk to the edge of a plane hand in hand and share the skydiving experience of a lifetime. As you cascade through the sky, enjoy spectacular views that will be sure to leave a lasting impression. Feel the wind flowing all around as you fly through the sky with the love of your life.

two people sky diving

4. Bungee Jumping: One of the most extreme sports, bungee jumping, will bring your honeymoon to new heights. Jumping from the most beautiful destinations in the world will give thrill seekers sights of their destination from a bird’s eye view.

man bungee jumping over water
Photo Credit: Medium.com

5. Zip Lining: Be fearless and zip line through the prime waterfalls, jungles, and skylines of your honeymoon destination. Glide above Costa Rica’s mesmerizing views for a sightseeing experience unlike any other! Step off the platform and out of your comfort zone for an adrenaline-fueled adventure you’ll never forget. Soar among the skies together and take part in a unique way to embrace the nature of your destination honeymoon.

couple zip lining over trees

6. Spear Fishing: Traveling near majestic reefs filled with wildlife to explore around and give spear fishing a try will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Explore the clear waters of Belize with a spear in hand and catch some delicious seafood. Once you have a fair amount of fish, the tour guide will set up a beautiful private campfire where you can share a meal together.

man getting ready to go spear fishing
Photo Credit: Fiji Pocket Guide

7. Paragliding: Leave the fear of heights at home and drift among the clouds while paragliding at your honeymoon destination. Paragliding is a euphoric activity where you can enjoy captivating views of the landscape, ocean, and mountains. Embrace the cool breeze as you take in the glorious atmosphere from above.

paragliding over water at sunset

8. Skiing: Whether you’re gliding through the slopes in Europe or exploring the peaks of Colorado, a skiing adventure is a must if you plan on having a honeymoon at a cold weather destination. The beautiful scenery and heart pumping adventure will bring a bit of speed and movement to your travels.

ski goggles with reflection of snow on mountains

9. Caving: Take a step through history while exploring ancient caves that have been standing for thousands of years. With tour guides, this experience will also be a learning experience about the significance and history of the caves. Climbing rocks, swimming, and traversing narrow channels is a bucket list experience worth sharing on your honeymoon adventures.

water in a cave

10. Swimming with Sharks: Take a dive into the underwater universe of sharks and feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. These beautiful creatures will be up close and personal while you swim freely in the open ocean. This activity will definitely bring some thrill to your itinerary. Let your nerves wash away and ride the wave of a journey as you and your partner find a moment of serenity with a swim among the sharks.

people swimming with sharks